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Supports most EPS, PS, PDF and AI files.

This Ghostscript plug-in works in version 6 and version 7 of ThumbsPlus. If you need information about ThumbsPlus features, please visit our features page.

Click here to download the EPS new plug-in.

Once you have downloaded the EXE file, double click the file tp_gs.exe to install into your ThumbsPlus installation folder (where Thumbs.exe resides).

You must also install Ghostscript. Further information and downloads for AFPL and GNU Ghostscript is available here. Generally, you should use the latest version.

Minimum version requirements:

  • ThumbsPlus: 6.0 Pro Edition
  • AFPL: 8.00 (latest recommended)
  • GNU: 7.04 (latest recommended)

Once you've installed the plug-in, you should restart ThumbsPlus. If you've installed the plug-in into the correct folder, you will see Ghostscript PS/EPS/PDF on the Options | File Plug-Ins menu. Use this to point the plug-in to the Ghostscript installation and set loading options. (It should automatically locate the AFPL 8.00 DLL, but not other versions or the GNU DLL).

Use Options | Preferences | File Types to configure each file type to use the Cerious plug-in:

Information about the loading options is shown below.

  • Ghostscript installation location: If necessary, use the [...] button to browse to your Ghostscript's DLL.
  • Color format: You can load at 24-bit color, 8-bit grayscale, or 1-bit bi-level.
  • Resolution: You can select an input resolution (dpi) for making thumbnails, viewing, and printing. These are always dots per inch, because that is what GS expects.
  • Anti-Aliasing: Selects the quality of output. This is ignored when making thumbnails, and when loading as bi-level.
  • Log Ghostscript messages: Enable this to log error messages reported by Ghostscript. These will be written to tpgs.log in your ThumbsPlus folder.

Other notes:

  1. The plug-in cannot currently compute the number of pages in PDF or PS files. They always show as 999 pages. We are currently working on this.
  2. The resolution reported in ThumbsPlus will correspond with the Print & Convert DPI chosen. Dimensions are reported for an 8.5 x 11 pages, since obtaining the physical dimensions would require interpretation.
  3. If you have installed the previous beta plug-in for PS files (plug_ps.tpp), delete it or rename it to plug_ps.tpx.
  4. The Ghostscript DLL cannot be used from multiple threads simultaneously, so background threads (and viewing from the main window) will "take turns" processing files.
  5. Only a few of our .AI samples work with the plug-in. Most AI files require Postscript procedures that are not part of Ghostscript. If anyone knows where to obtain these procedures (e.g., Adobe_cmykcolor, Adobe_packedarray, Adobe_level2_AI5), and whether they are redistributable, please contact Laura Shook.
  6. If you wish to receive notification when updates are available for the Postscript plug-in, contact Laura Shook.
  7. There is a current ThumbsPlus plug-in limitation: for multi-page files, ThumbsPlus doesn't tell the plug-in whether it is loading for viewing. So, pages after the 1st page in PS and PDF files will be loaded at print resolution. This will be fixed in a ThumbsPlus service pack.
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