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Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about ThumbsPlus, culled from our e-mail, newsgroups and telephone support calls. If you have questions that you think should be in this section, please submit them to Cerious Software Inc. Use e-mail if possible (, or fax them to (704) 529-0497. Due to the enormous amount of spam we receive, we kindly request you include either 'Cerious Software' or 'ThumbsPlus' in the subject line of any email you send to us.

Version 8 SP1 Questions (April 2011)
The latest info on Version 8 SP1 is available right here. We also have started new online forums here.
Version 8 Questions (January 2010)

Be sure to check the Most Common questions below and the Vista and Windows 7 page if your question isn't listed here.

Who is eligible for free upgrades to version 8?

  • Home Network, Pro and Standard purchased on or after 14 February 2008.
  • Users who purchased Pro or Home Network perpetual licenses.
  • Multi-user licenses purchased or paid maintenace fee after 1 January 2009.

I purchased ThumbsPlus, or I'm eligible for a free upgrade, but I haven't received a registration code!

We have sent all codes at least once to the email addresses we have on file. Some codes were wrong the first time and resent. Be sure to enable incoming mail from so we can send it to you! If you haven't received it, please use our code request form and provide a current email address.

I can't make thumbnails!

Your database is read-only, or owned by a different user on your machine. In some circumstances, the folder where ThumbsPlus keeps the database gets marked by Windows or some other application as unshareable.

If you need ThumbsPlus only for a single login, you can uninstall and reinstall ThumbsPlus 8, and select the option for each user to have separate databases. This will place the database in your user folders. (This is usually C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Roaming on Vista or Windows 7).

Alternately, if you're familiar with Windows security, you can correct this problem by making the common folder and and its contents writable by Everyone or Authenticated Users.

On English version of Windows, the common folder is usually C:\ProgramData\ThumbsPlus (Vista/Win7) or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ThumbsPlus (2000, XP).

A third option is to create a new database in a different location (Database - New...). However, you should not create a database in the root of the C:\ drive, or in C:\Program Files... or C:\Program Files (x86)..., as these are protected by Windows.

The Vista and Windows 7 page may be helpful as well.


Most Common Questions (April 2007)

I'm having trouble on Windows Vista or Windows 7

Please see our Vista and Windows 7 page.

I'm having problems with movie files (AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4, FLV, etc.).

ThumbsPlus depends on DirectShow and the codecs loaded on your system to support video files. There are plenty of free Windows codec collections available that support additional formats and often even fix or replace bad codecs installed by other applications. We can't recommend a specific collections because they change frequently, but SourceForge is a good place to look for both free collections and individual codecs for specific formats..

To add additional video file extensions, just use Options | Preferences | File Types, and add the extension desired. Choose "MPG" from the Equivalent To drop-down.

Why does ThumbsPlus want to label my disk volumes?

So that ThumbsPlus can know which disk is what, you need to give your disks unique volume labels. If you've already made thumbnails on a particular disk, you should do this within ThumbsPlus (File | Volumes | Label Disk).

What are these THUMBS.DB files all over my system?

See this FAQ. (Hint: ThumbsPlus doesn't create these files!)

ThumbsPlus won't open (database errors).

Please see this FAQ.

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