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Build 3938 Release Notes

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Build 3938 - 11 June 2014

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ThumbsPlus 9 SP1 (Build 3938)

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Installation notes

Cumulative change notes for ThumsPlus 9 SP1 (Builds 3921-3938)


Major new features



Known issues


Python scripting details

Command line options

Installation notes

If you are reinstalling or updating ThumbsPlus, you should use the same installation type that you used previously to avoid losing your preferences and customizations. When using the Everything in one folder installation type, you should also use the same installation folder.

Note that major version upgrades (i.e., version 8 to version 9) always reset your preferences because there are many preference changes that may be incompatible between versions, and because they are stored in different files, so that you can install a later version to evaluate without resetting your installed version's preferences.

If you use the old-style Everything in one folder installation option, be sure to install to a folder that does not require UAC (user access control). Most importantly, do not install in the C:\Windows, C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) folders (or their equivalents in your language).

When installing Everything in one folder on your system drive (usually C:), we recommend installing in a sub-folder of the application common data folder, which is usually C:\Programdata. Thus the recommended destination is C:\ProgramData\ThumbsPlus. Because the common data folder does not properly exist on Windows XP, the recommended destianation is C:\ThumbsPlus9.

When updating, the installer will uninstall any prior version 9 build. However, the installer does not uninstall version 8 or earlier. Once you no longer need it, you can uninstall the prior version from Control Panel.

If you encounter problems during the installation, please send us the Thumbs9Install.log from your user TEMP folder along with your problem report. (If you're not sure where this is, hit Win+R, enter %TEMP%, and hit enter, and Explorer will open it for you). The Win key has the Windows logo (Win logo) and is usually between the Ctrl and Alt keys. If your keyboard doesn't have one, consult the documentation for your keyboard and version of windows, or run the command START %TEMP% from a command prompt. Send this file to, and be sure to provide a meaningful email subject (such as "Unable to install ThumbsPlus 9 build 3935").


All single-user and home network users who ordered or upgraded ThumbsPlus on or after 15 January 2012 received version 9 at no additional charge.

Concurrent license users who are up-to-date with their annual support contracts have received version 9 automatically and at no additional charge. Those with out-of-date support contracts may upgrade at $50.00 per user.

If you are eligible and did not receive your version 9 code, please contact the order desk.

Major new features


Facebook tree snapshotYou can use ThumbsPlus to log in to your Facebook account, where you can browse and update your photo albums, and even thumbnail and view your friends' albums and photos.

Facebook login screenshot


There are many improvements and additions to the Python scripting capabilities. We're working on sample scripts that will be included with version 9, and will announce them on the forums as they become available. See the section below on Python scripting for more info.

Several of the new features in ThumbsPlus 9 depend on Python (including Facebook access),, and in the future we will be moving more and more high-level functions to Python. Of course, the core image processing, database, and many other internal functions will remain written in C++ and C (and even a bit of assembly language for some important speed optimizations).

We're looking forward to see what kinds of functions our users can contribute as well!

Cumulative change notes for builds 3920 - 3938

  • Fixed several Windows XP compatibility problems, including program hangs and bizarre error message displays.
  • Fixed page count in multi-page TIFF files.
  • Fixed calculation of total number of files for progress displays.
  • Fixed crash with some Olympus Confocal TIFF files.
  • Fixed problem generating blank catalog pages and contact sheet images when certain options were selected.
  • Picked a bunch of several UI nits.
  • Fixed several problems with build 3919 and build 3920, including incompatibility with some OSes and runtime error on startup.
  • Fixed missing menu option to export thumbnails to JPEG files in Thumbnail - Export to Jpeg.
  • When scanning a tree, the percentage done was not correct.
  • Fixed the toolbar Thumbnail - Scan Folder button.
  • Added crash information to Subject when emailing a crash report (for ease in tracking specific crashes).
  • Column headers were displayed incorrectly in the thumbnail pane when display of thumbnails disabled.
  • Fixed problem of display in the file filter drop-down on thumbnail pane.
  • Worked around the problem in which Windows tried to load runtime libraries from invalid locations (runtime error R6034 and hanging on startup)
  • Resets the 30-day evaluation period. If you evaluated any prior version 9 build and found it lacking, please try build 3928 as there are a lot of fixes and improvements!
  • Fixed problem where the Find function was ignoring the first keyword in the list.
  • Fixed problem with Find where searching for similar images did not show any results.
  • Fixed problem with pasting images on certain OSes and with Thumbnail - Make from clipboard.
  • Fixed the crash in 3926 when dragging files out of the thumbnail view.
  • Build 3927 Provides a utility (ThumbsRex) to help diagnose Microsoft runtime error R6034 and startup hangs. Run this utility from the Start Menu - All Programs - ThumbsPlus - Utilities - ThumbsPlus (Diagnose Startup), or run ThumbsRex.exe from the ThumbsPlus\Bin folder.
  • Fixed some cases where the file list wasn't updated after moving or copying files.
  • Fixed crash when trying to make a thumbnail with F3 and no files were selected.
  • Fixed problem using evaluation version with client/server databases.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause crashes or skipped files and folders when recursively processing folder trees, including Print Catalog, Contact Sheets, Web Page Wizard, and in some cases Thumbnail Tree.
  • Fixed several compatibility problems when using PostgreSQL and MySQL. Also, please see the Databases page for new scripts for creating these databases for version 9.
  • Improved database speed when using Client/Server databases (SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL).
  • Updated Python version to 2.7.3 to eliminate warnings generated by some security software regarding 2.7.2.
  • Built executables and DLLs with the latest Visual Studio (2012).
  • Fixed strange problems and messages that could occur if the preferences file (Thumb9.ini) was read-only.
  • Fixed view window to honor the Show status line setting in Options - Viewing - Appearance.
  • Fixed several problems with upgrading database to V8/V9 format (both .td4 and client/server).
  • Improved V9 database upgrade process (Database - Advanced - Convert .td4) when an Access database is near capacity, and improved performance of conversion, especially when using the Store thumbnails in files option (which is recommended for large databases).
  • Improved error logging and crash handling.
  • Fixed tree display of folders containing pound signs (#).
  • Vast improvement to speed of removing orphans (Thumbnail - Remove - Orphans).
  • Removed button to create folder share as it was not working properly. (Use Windows Explorer instead.)
  • Many additional small bug fixes and minor improvements.

These issues required work in the depths of the code mine (and rewriting a ton of really old code), that is not all that visible, but took several design and programming weeks. Getting these out of the way first helps the more visible fixes and changes to procede at much faster pace.

  • Removed many possible buffer overruns throughout ThumbsPlus
  • Likewise, fixed dozens of (individually unlikely but collectively more common) crashes due to poor or outdated string and memory handling, stack usage, and null pointer accesses
  • Improved memory usage and tracking

These are more visible and just the beginning, but I'm spending as much time as possible in the code these days, and I'm working through them pretty quickly.

  • Fixed problem from build 3928 expanding the root level of the Network tree
  • Improvements to server database upgrade (from pre-v8 format) that allows restart after failure under most conditions
  • Improvements to to better handle Access (.tpdb8) databases that are near or at maximum capacity (2GB)
  • Fixed several problems in batch editing metadata (there are plenty more coming)
  • Fixed crashes when editing annotations in Report view
  • Fixed problems using the keyword list in Report view
  • Improved crash handling and reporting
  • Provided a checkbox in ThumbsBug to indicate whether a screen shot should accompany the bug report
  • Fixed crashes reading some MP3 files
  • In error message displays, made 'A' equivalent to Yes in Yes/No dialogs so you can use the same key to confirm a single item as when using 'Yes to All' in Yes/No/Yes to All messages.
  • Made ESC equivalent to No for Yes/No dialogs without a Cancel button
  • Minor changes to make spelling, punctuation and capitalization more consistent
  • Fixes to gallery handling
  • Added query to save gallery order when leaving a gallery
  • Fixed loss of gallery order when refreshing the tree
  • Added Programs tab to Customize, for adding/deleting Open With programs. Still planning to enable automatic or simpler adding to the toolbar, so that you don't have to drag from Open With.
  • Changed "Add program" to "Manage programs" on Open With menu.
  • Fixed showing of user fields in Sort By combos without have to restart T+
  • Fixed uninitialized Which Files combo on program start.
  • Fixed incorrect check marks for displayed user fields in Show for Files menus.
  • Moved external program definitions from the database to the INI file.
  • Made Yes the default in yes/no confirmations.
  • Fixed progress percent for copy/move files
  • Fixed problem ThumbsPlus crashing with too many threads when scanning Facebook
  • Fixed some problems with rotation and trimming of JPEG files and thumbnails.
  • Fixed Open Database to require less screen height.
  • Improved handling and responsiveness when copying and moving very large files.
  • Added message about why all threads are being stopped
  • Fixed some odd things happening in special folders (i.e, My Documents & My Pictures)
  • Fixed problem renaming files with the same name as a prior deleted file (the rename was being attempted twice).
  • Fixed obtaining compressed file size for locked files
  • Improved performance for reading and testing children of a folder
  • Changes and more information in File Properties - Physical
  • Added some delays during backup to avoid slamming disks
  • Fixed 'Save errors...' button on Doing dialog
  • Added more info for File and Folder properties
  • Improved appearance of some Info windows
  • Improved Windows version recognizing and reporting
  • Fixes to database backup
  • Various code and display cleanup
  • Fixed copy/move files when selecting destination using the dialog box (introduced in 3932)
  • Some modifications to logging during startup to improve performance
  • Added command line option to run standard mode when using full or evaluation version (-mode:std)
  • Added command line option to run licensed copy in evaluation mode (-mode:eval)
  • Enabled log wrapping to prevent log files from using up all disk space when an error occurs millions of times
  • Fixed poor handling of path histories for Next/Previous folder
  • Fixes for printing, including no output on some devices
  • Changed view windows to not jump around when undoing/redoing
  • Several miscellaneous crash fixes
  • Various aesthetic improvements
  • Fixed checking for Digimarc watermarks
  • Fixed Web Page Wizard preview
  • Changed Save/Save As/Close/Cancel to be consistent (changed Cancel to match other options)
  • Fixed several dozen possible crashes
  • Fixed problem where Facebook folders sometimes got confused with F: drive folders
  • Fixed errors when retrievinv facebook file names without extensions
  • Fixed problems with Python output display (was not positioning and scrolling properly)
  • Fixed race condition when multiple busy threads were trying to write to the log
  • Added check to avoid reading or creating watermarks in images with areas less than 256 x 256
  • Prevent crash when invalid file type sequence passed to ConvertSelected()
  • Fixed several problems with position of view window after making certain changes, undos, redos, and next/prev images
  • Fixed multiple problems with cutting and pasting within images
  • Update version to 9.0 build 3944 (since it's not an official service pack, but is an official build)
  • Fixed window size and positioning problems.
  • Fixed undo/redo issues
  • Updated copyright year to 2014
  • Changed the program minor version number to from The 9.1 caused several problems, including having to reenter registration info and losing some preferences. Because of this change, if you originally registered ThumbsPlus 9 while running build 3934, you may need to run build 3935 as administrator once so that it can automatically copy the system-wide registration information from the HKLM\Software\Cerious Software Inc.\ThumbsPlus\9.1 registry key to ...ThumbsPlus\9.0.
  • Fixed a problem which sometimes prevented XMP metdata from being written to files
  • Added a warning when saving an image with XMP metadata to file type which does not support XMP
  • Fixed missing expandable branches in the folder tree on some versions of Windows.
  • If you are reinstalling or updating ThumbsPlus, you should use the same installation type that you used previously to avoid losing your preferences and customizations. When using the Everything in one folder installation type, you should also use the same installation folder. See the Installation Notes for more information on Everything in one folder installation.
  • Implemented improved handing of Thumbs9.typ and Thumbs9.flt to avoid resetting file type configurations and filter definitions when reinstalling or upgrading.
  • Changed maximum number of open view windows to 100 (to avoid GDI/USER resource gobbling)
  • Added GDI and USER resource checking. Only logs excessive use for now, will do more later
  • Added validation of Max View Windows (Options - Viewing - Window) to be between 10 and 100
  • Only log user list during shutdown if logging set to verbose. Reading the current users was causing a hang during shutdown after certain database errors had occured
  • Fixed error display when invalid metadata values are entered
  • Provide more detail and correct size for many memory allocation error reports
  • The installer now puts 'all user' shortcuts in the correct folders. This also fixes a 'can't remove shortcut' error during uninstall.
  • The installer automatically sets a good default folder when doing a "All in one folder (old-style)" installation.
  • Updated version to SP1 beta 6 build 3936
  • Fixed export to handle dates properly
  • Made export table-driven for simpler and easier maintenance
  • Removed several possible crashes on field data during import/export
  • Revamped Export dialog box and added several hints
  • Added ability to read and write thumbnails without decompressing/recompressing for export/import and other future uses
  • Fixed progress file counter in database backup
  • Got rid of accidental Progress window when viewing multiple selected files or view synched from main window
  • Fixed several issues with maintaining aspect ratio in view windows
  • Modified startup to only check for Windows compatibility mode when running in safe mode
  • Changed database connection to try the first select statement (SELECT  * FROM ThumbsPlusDatabase) to try 1) without delimiters, 2) with ANSI quotes, and 3) with MS braces, since at this point we haven't determined the requirement for the current database
  • Fixed a multi-user license problem with multiple instances on the same user, computer and session
  • Several fixes and improvements to JPEG processing
  • Improved handling of default font, so that XP can get Arial (yuck) while later OSes get Segoe UI
  • Fixed problem with missing items on view window status bar
  • Fixed so that you can view the fonts folder even if the windows root folder is disabled in Options - Preferences - Disks and Folders
  • Changed usage of some special Unicode characters because they weren't working on some OSes.
  • Fixed squirrelly scrolling behavior in the view window. especially when there are  a lot of images (> ~32k).
  • Fixed deleted counter for better % done when deleting folders and trees.
  • Fixed cancelled or short-circuited EnumDirectoryFiles() from leaking FindFirstFile handles. This was causing spurious 'folder in use' errors in ThumbsPlus and Explorer.
  • Modified delete folder callback so that it doesn't process files twice
  • Changed AreFilesIdentical() to use a larger (2MB vs 32KB) block
  • Fixed some problems when moving a folder to a location that already exists (sometimes would fail rather than merge)
  • Added options for improved handling of deleting files to FileDelete
  • Fixed some cases where moving or copying a tree would not complete because of an existing folder or access problem
  • If deleting a tree to the recycle bin fails, T+ will now ask if you want to delete it directly
  • Replaced all remaining occurrences of 'show child folders' with 'include child folders'
  • Improved performance for viewing a single file when "view all selected" is enabled
  • Made change changes for thumbnail file list memory improvements
  • Fixed setting memory strategy from the command line (-mem:csw,debug -mem:crt,release etc.)
  • Fixed changes and added failure logging from user check thread
  • Improvements to user counting / user check thread to avoid spurious errors when the database is locked or unavailable for long periods
  • Eliminated double refresh paint when refreshing thumbnail view with both REF_REDRAW and REF_REPAINT set
  • Several performance improvements and fixes to thumbnail view
  • Added network folder scan frequency in Options - Preferences - Advanced
  • Added a function to the Overlord thread, which kills the process if it doesn't finish shutting down within 20 sec of setting the ShuttingDown
  • Improved status messages when long tree operations occur
  • Fixed several of Page Up/Page Down inconsistencies in the thumbnail view
  • Performance improvements for extremely large folders or lists (> 100,000). I have successfully viewed over 2 million files in the thumbnail view
  • Removed a couple of obsolete memory limits from Options - Preferences - Advanced
  • Added max number of files to read when checking if a folder has children, to improve performance (leaves a spurious > or [+] like on network locations)
  • Fixed problems with occasional tree confusion (i.e., Facebook (fb://) with drive f:); got rid of dumb calls to GetDriveInfo() (replaced with GetDriveInfoName(), and added a parameter to GetDriveInfoName() to disable using the drive cache
  • Fixed some display problems with the main window status bar
  • Moved compatibility mode fixing to ThumbsPriv.exe, so that HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE can be adjusted
  • Added status messages while initializing tree
  • Accumulate UM_REFRESH messages to avoid some double painting
  • Updated version to SP1 beta 6 build 3937
  • Changed installer to be clearer about each step
  • Made fonts in installer consistent
  • Fixed many crashes and potential crashes in database and runtime code
  • Worked around several system calls that aren't available on XP Vista
  • Dealt with several remaining issues program startup
  • Began preload pen/touch SDK libraries so that they're not repeatedly loaded/unloaded by the system
  • Changes to startup to implement better timing and improvements for preloading DLLs.
  • Improved the wait time for large blocks when memory is low
  • Many infrastructure changes to help debugging
  • Many changes and improvement for database connection handling
  • Additional database fixes and tweaks
  • Added support to reconnect to database when connection lost, especially useful for Azure and AWS databases
  • Fixed some gnarly thread business and improved performance for the preview window
  • Fixed preview window hanging whole application when a database error occured
  • Fixed several issues with user counting thread, especially on database disconnect or reopen
  • Fixed crash that could occur with blank file names
  • Better handling of background threads when connection lost or other database problems
  • Updated Azure and Aws info file
  • Worked on customize colors for better consistency
  • Improved speed of OLE and COM initialization
  • Fixed special character unicode substitutions to only use high Unicode characters when passed a font
  • Enabled cleartype in command bars and menus
  • Fixed database export/import
  • Fixed problem when failing to open some database types would cause ThumbsPlus to exit rather than show the "Ask what to do" error dialog box.
  • Fixed overlord thread ending early and taking ThumbsPlus with it
  • Changed for now to only save the open folder list if the startup option fSaveStartupOpenFolders is set.
  • Removed a pause during background threads (designed to be more fair to other background threads, but slowed the threads down too much).
  • Moved overlord thread to overlord.cpp
  • Added resource checking (gdi, user, kernel handles) to overlord thread
  • Added resource usage (gdi, user, kernel handles) to sysinfo dialog
  • Fixed some background and other color issues with the info pane and the tasks pane
  • Removed the non-functional help entry on the main menu (will implement later)
  • Removed the Skin options as they don't load properly (will revisit)
  • Set the minimum size of view windows to 400x400 (will make avaiable as an option in the future)
  • Restored the metafile transformations to the menu (Convert to bitmap, Extract bitmap and Remove background)
  • On initial run, ThumbsPlus will open the ThumbsPlus Samples folder that the installer will create (in common pictures or my pictures)
  • Significant code cleanup and dead code removeal.

Known problems remaining

There are several other issues remaining; please use the forums, where I am spending a lot more time, to submit and discuss problems that haven't been addressed, or to request minor enhancements.

Known Facebook issues

There are a couple of Facebook problems I've spent time on but not completed yet:

  • ThumbsPlus only retrieves the first 25 images in an album
  • Images are not retrieved at full size
  • The facebook cache becomes too large

ThumbsPlus caches facebook query results internally, and compresses, saves and restores them between sessions. This can take a lot of memory, so I will be changing the cache so it uses a local disk file instead. This will also eliminate the time required to load and save the cache. The cache file is called Thumbs9.fbcache and is located in your preferences folder, which you can open from Start menu - All Programs - ThumbsPlus - Utilities - View Preferences Folder.

Downloaded files are cached in a subfolder of your TEMP folder (%TEMP%\Tp_Fb). This cache is not currently pruned. You can remove all of the files anytime; ThumbsPlus will re-download them if you make thumbnails or view them.

The Keep me logged in to ThumbsPlus option on the Facebook login window does not work when restarting ThumbsPlus.

Using Python for scripting and customizing ThumbsPlus 9

Information on scripting is now in the help file.

Command line options

The Help file now includes a complete (or nearly complete) list of command line options.

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